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Sabtu, 10 Januari 2009



Flexibility in Destination

With as little as one phone call or simply by filling out our quote request form, you could be on your way to discovering the convenience of flying with Elite Jet Charter. Elite Jet Charter offers the finest service for all your private jet needs whether it be a weekend away with family or the most demanding business itinerary. With over 5000 destinations worldwide, business or pleasure, Elite Jet Charter will make the luxury of private jet travel an every day convenience.

Avoid Crowded Commercial Terminals

Unlike flying with the commercial airlines, Elite Jet Charter clients travel anywhere, anytime on their choice of over 2000 world class private jets. Our clients NEVER wait in long airport security lines or busy commercial terminals. Discover why Elite Jet Charter has been providing more and more discerning travelers the ultimate in private Charter service. We understand that truly luxurious travel is carefree travel, a sense of ease and plenty of pampering. To create the Ultimate jet charter experience, our client service standards far exceed those of others in the industry. Every step of the way-from the moment we begin planning your flight through your stay at one of over 5000 destinations served by Elite Jet Charter–your personal Flight Consultant will take care of you, and every detail, exactly as you request. If you’ve been looking for the sensible hassle–free way to enjoy the benefits of traveling aboard a private jet give your Personal Flight Consultant a call today and experience YOUR perfect destination.

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    Asia's 1st Fractional and Block Charter Personal Aviation Provider
  • Private Jet Program
    Worldwide Service 24/7 Access to all Private Jet types
  • Air Charter Services
    Aircrafts and Helicopters Charters Base Location In Malaysia
  • Avcon Jet
    Single point of contact for your business aviation needs...

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  1. Selamat malam from California. I am not quite in the mnarket for luxury jets. But I love the dream. Terima kasih, Keep blogging

  2. The Private Jet Charter are widely used for luxury or business trips, as the fare has also reduced a lot.

  3. Suprisingly, to me anyway, private jet charter companies are amongst the few doing well for themselves in this period of financial austerity. Partly because the rich will always be rich but also because they're looking to increase 'productivity' by filling their empty seats on every leg ensuring they're flying full whenever they fly.

  4. Today private jet provides simplicity, flexibility and valuable services to their customers and allow you to travel anywhere where you want in the world.

    Private jet California


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